Is Your Home Secure? Warning Following Burglaries in Cotswolds and Stroud

In the two weeks between September 6 and 19 there have been 18 burglaries in the Cotswolds and Stroud Division.

Officers are urging residents to be more aware of security as 44% of these burglaries were as a result of insecure windows and doors.
Crime Prevention Design Advisor for the area, PC Mark Godsland, said: “Officers on the division are working hard to catch those responsible for this sort of crime but we need everyone else to do their bit.

“It is likely that many of these burglaries would not have happened if some simple crime reduction advice was followed.
“Criminals are quick to exploit any slackening of security but simple security steps can make a huge difference in helping you avoid becoming a victim.”

Advice for protecting your home:

  • Fit a door chain and/or a viewer.
  • Before opening the door – chain it and always lock the back door before answering the front door and keep it on while you are talking to them.
  • You should not feel embarrassed about using a door chain and asking for proof of identity, a genuine visitor will not be offended and will expect you to take precautions
  • Keep valuables out of sight and don’t leave handbags near doors and windows.
  • Check the callers identity. If you’re not sure – don’t let them in. Tell them they will have to make an appointment. If they’re genuine – they won’t mind.
  • Make a note of customer account numbers from your bills. Ask the caller for this number and check it against your list.
  • Never let anyone in – no matter what they say – or what excuse they use.
  • Bank your cash and don’t keep large amounts within the house.
  • Keep your front door locked and windows in unoccupied rooms closed.
  • Photograph items of jewellery, antiques and other items that may be difficult to describe.
  • Always back up home computer records on disc and store them safely in case the computer is stolen.
  • Mark valuable items with an indelible marker with your post code

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