Garages, Sheds, Cars and Vans

Domestic burglaries across the City remain low but there has been an increase in non dwelling burglaries, sheds and garages with the main target being cycles. Even when stored in your garage or shed you should try to make it as difficult as possible for items of value to be stolen by using your cycle lock to attach to garden tools or stepladder etc. For security and coding advice visit

Thefts from cars and vans has significantly increased so it is vitally important that all items are removed from view in cars and tools and other valuables are removed from vans when parked overnight on your driveway or road. For signs stating “No tools left in this van overnight” you can contact Alan on 01452 335253 and leave your name and address and one will be posted out to you.

Please remember that there always has to be an outlet for these items so if you get offered cycles or tools on the cheap either inform the police directly or ring to give the information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. No questions asked!!

Remember around 20 people every day are arrested and charged as a result of anonymous information passed to Crimestoppers by people like you.


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