Bogus Callers and Rogue Traders

This type of crime does seem to be increasing in this period before Christmas. Over the last week we have had 3 incidents in the Barton Area. In one instance two males gained entry and said they were from the council. £600 was taken from the house. Another case involved a male who attended a house saying he had come to service a stair lift. £100 was paid to the man who left without completing any work. One male involved is described as being white and of stocky build, approx 5ft 8 /10inches tall with dark hair. He was driving a white van that had ladders on the top with no company logos and possibly X registration.

In a third incident a male made a phonecall and made an appointment to come to a property to service the gas boiler. A call to the landlord confirmed that he had asked nobody to attend to do such work.

In an incident in Quedgeley a man paid £210 to a tradesman who said he was going to undertake work to improve the driveway. A very limited and unsatisfactory amount of work was done before the trader left.

The police are asking for any information that might relate to these incidents and if you get a caller who may match the above description please contact the police on the emergency number and pass over your information immediately.


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