International Volunteer Day

On Sunday 5 December 2010 the Constabulary will be looking for community spirited people as part of an International Volunteer Day.

Gloucestershire Constabulary will be using the opportunity to encourage more people to become Police Support Volunteers (PSVs).

A Police Support Volunteer (PSV) is defined as an individual with no police powers, who through personal choice, gives time and energy to perform tasks for their local force, without expectation or receipt of compensation, except for the reimbursement of agreed out of pocket expenses. 

The force already benefits from a number of volunteers, as well as 171 Special Constables, who give of their time to help in the fight against crime.

The Constabulary has developed a formal volunteering policy which will shortly be published.

Volunteering is based on choice so there is no obligation for individuals to work specific hours. Full training and support is given; however, those volunteering will not have any employment status.

The policy of recruiting new volunteers is supported by the Constabulary’s staff associations, and has been encouraged through the Home Office and HM Government in support of its ‘Big Society’ concept.

PSV roles will enhance and complement those of paid staff, and PSVs will not be used to replace existing staff members (including during periods of sickness or maternity/paternity leave) or prevent the employment of new members of staff.

Anyone interested in becoming a Police Support Volunteer or who knows of family or friends who are interested should contact the Constabulary’s Volunteers Coordinator Karyn Phelps by ringing 01452 752650 or e-mailing


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