Advise to protect yourself from door step crime and cold calling

  • Most people who call at your door are genuine but some are not. They could be thieves or conmen trying to trick their way into your home to steal. That’s why it is important to take precautions when people call at your home.
  • Bogus callers will pretend to be any one of a number of authentic callers such as officials from the council, gas, electricity or water companies. They may say they are workmen needing to make repairs or even claim to be police officers.
  • Bogus callers are convincing liars and anyone can be taken in by them. Whether it’s a child asking for a glass of water or someone offering to tarmac your drive, never let them into your house unless you are sure they are genuine.
  • A genuine visitor will always make an appointment first, so you should be wary if someone turns up unexpectedly.
  • When someone calls at your home make sure you take a good look at that person through the window or by using the door viewer.
  • Before answering the door, and possibly being distracted, ensure that all other access doors are locked .
  • Always put on the door chain or bar before opening the door and keep it on while you are talking to them.
  • You should not feel embarrassed about using a door chain, a genuine visitor will not be offended and will expect you to take precautions.
  • If you don’t have a door chain, get one fitted – it will not cost much. Contact your local police for advice.
  • Always ask for proof of identity and check it carefully, keeping the chain on the door.
  • Genuine callers will carry identification with their photograph and details of their company or business.
  • Don’t assume just because a caller is wearing a uniform or clothing with a badge or logo, that they are genuine always ask to see an ID card.

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