Gloucestershire Police reminder to not give out credit card details

Gloucestershire Police are reminding residents not to give out their bank account details to cold callers.

The message follows an incident earlier this week in which a Berkeley resident was defrauded out of more than £3,700.

On Tuesday December 6 at around 3pm the resident received a phone call from a mobile phone number. The caller claimed to be from the man’s bank. He stated that there had been an issue with the credit cards of 4,000 customers and that he would need to collect a new card from his bank.

It was suggested that the victim cancel his current card whilst on the phone. The caller said he needed the card details in order to do this, so the victim gave them over.

He later discovered that £3724.75 worth of transactions had been carried out on his account. 

Crime Prevention Officer for the county, Paul Francis, said:  “This just goes to show the deceitful ways offenders will try and separate you from your money. 

“Often when someone says they are from a bank and they are calling with something as simple as replacing a debit or credit card you may be inclined to take the call at face value but remember your bank will not ask you to hand over an old card but instead get you to destroy it.

“If you are ever unsure about a business call never be afraid to check their credentials by saying you’ll call them back and use the number in the phone book or from your bills, not the one they give you. Legitimate callers will not mind you doing this.

“If you have been a victim of this kind of phone scam you should report it to your bank or building society immediately.

“The bank then has responsibility for reporting the matter to the police.

“If however you believe another crime is involved, for example if your cards have been stolen, you should make sure you report the crime to the police.”


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