£6000 of Copper Cable Seized in Police Operation

Copper cable worth around £6000 and road signs were seized as suspected stolen property as part of a police operation over the weekend. 

On Saturday December 10 the policing team for Dursley and Stroud ran an operation as part of their ongoing work to prevent and detect metal thefts. 

The operation saw 20 vehicles stop checked by police officers and officers from the Special Constabulary supported by representatives from Stroud District Council, the Environment Agency, BT, Western Power and Smartwater. 

Vehicles were stopped and their loads and documents checked by the police to ensure they are not involved in transporting suspected stolen metals or transporting waste illegally. 

The checks were carried out in Sharpness, Moreton Valance and Woodchester and saw one driver was issued with a £180 fixed penalty ticket for waste transfer documentation offences. 

As part of the operation the suspected stolen metal was recovered and a police investigation is currently ongoing. 

PC Darren Reid said: “A worldwide dramatic increase in the price of scrap metal has coincided with a vast increase in thefts of such items, in particular copper, aluminum, lead, brass, and bronze.

“Saturday’s operation was just one of a number of tactics we are using to clamp down on this illegal trade.

 “It should also serve as a warning to anyone involved in the sale and distribution of stolen metal that we are committed to bringing them to justice.”

 Between April and November this year there were 963 metal thefts in Gloucestershire. This is a 53% increase on the same period last year, as 629 were reported in 2010.

 Metal thieves have caused misery for thousands of people across the whole of the UK whether through thefts of lead from the roof of their homes, catalytic converters stolen from their car or from stolen railway cable resulting in delays and cancellations or stolen power cable causing widespread power loss.

 Saturday’s operation was aimed at targeting thieves and forms part of ongoing work throughout the county to send a strong message to those involved in this criminal activity that it will not be tolerated in Gloucestershire.


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