Dogs shot at in Gloucester

Staff in the award-winning customer services team at Gloucester City Council are not easily put out of their stride.

When they received angry complaints about dogs being shot at a refuse tip in Gloucester – they were quickly on the case.

And they were able to reassure the callers that the incidents had happened – but in Gloucester, Australia.

That call along with others requesting information about where broken false teeth can be repaired or where a man could buy his hospitalised wife large size underwear are among the more bizarre and unusual calls received by the team.

Every month they deal with an average of 15,000 telephone calls, email queries and personal callers at the Council’s docks office.

Now the Council is looking into further service improvements to make it easier for people to find information or obtain services from the council.

Councillor Jennie Dallimore, cabinet member for communities and neighbourhoods, commented: “We have a highly- trained, award-winning team who do a tremendous job. But we want to make our ‘customer experience’ even better.

“ We want to avoid people having to go out of their way to come and see us – unless it is absolutely essential. And, although our team are superb at what they do the sheer volume of calls – more than one per minute – means that people have to sometimes wait to get through.

“So we are looking at how we can provide more ‘transactional’ online services through our website and improve the information that we provide.

“ It is important to us that we provide a series of choices to our customers in order that we make their experience of dealing with us as easy as possible. We are looking at a number of options and hope to start rolling out these improvements in the months ahead.”

Information about the city council can be found on their website at

Enquiries can be emailed to:


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