Reduction in Barton and Tredworth burglaries

Officers go the Distance to Deliver Reduction in Burglaries in Barton and Tredworth

March 22 2013

Taking the security message to the doorsteps of over 1000 homes in Barton and Tredworth has delivered a substantial drop in burglaries.

Officers working on Operation Joshua before Christmas pounded the streets to warn people about the risk of break-ins and advise residents how they can protect their homes and use security marking equipment to aid police and themselves in the event of a burglary.

To back up the message, signs were erected in the community to warn people of the risk of potential burglars.

As a result, house burglaries in the streets that were visited reduced by nearly 73%, with just three break-ins between December 17 2012 and February 28 2013, compared to 11 in the same period the year before.

The local policing team also successfully encouraged people to set up new Neighbourhood Watch schemes, with six new initiatives established since the operation began.

Sergeant Tim Wood said: “Burglaries in Gloucester were increasing before Christmas and causing heartache and inconvenience to a significant number of people, so we have been determined to do everything we can to improve the situation.

“This operation, supported by Safer Gloucester, was an example of good old fashioned policing, going out there and delivering the message to people’s front doors, and it seems to have worked.

“With the new Neighbourhood Watch schemes in place I am sure there will be a lasting legacy from this too and we are now intending to build on its success by spreading the operation out further through Barton and Tredworth.“


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