Domestic burglaries increase in hot weather and holiday time

This is a message from Alan Hardacre at the Neighbourhood Watch office Bearland, Gloucester – for Neighbourhood Watch and Paws on Patrol members

In the first 100 days of our recording year crimes in Gloucester are slightly up on last year. Domestic burglary is up and although it averages just over 2 per day it is still a cause for concern due to the traumatic effects it has on the victims. During hot weather when doors and windows are left open and premises are insecure and particularly when people are away on holiday there is a greater chance of being a victim. This is going to be the case over the coming few weeks so Neighbours can play a big part in helping to look after the safety in their street and deter burglaries.

One tip, if you are up in the night or early hours take a look out of your window before you go back to bed. Anyone who witnesses any suspicious activity should contact the police immediately on the emergency number or if you just have information to pass on you should contact the police on the non emergency number 101.

For those in the Hucclecote and surrounding area the Neighbourhood Policing Panel are meeting next Wednesday,17th July, at 6pm in Room 2 The Pullen Room of the Hucclecote Community Centre. This is an opportunity to raise any policing concerns with your local officers face to face.


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