Longlevens Burglaries and Cascade Newsletter update

This is a message from Alan Hardacre at the Neighbourhood Watch office Bearland, Gloucester for Neighbourhood Watch and Paws on Patrol members.
Domestic Burglary remains low in Gloucester but there have been some recent incidents in Longlevens copying the M.O. of domestic Burglary offences being committed in Cheltenham. The offenders are young teenagers, 13 to 16 year olds, and they do cherry knocking on doors and windows of properties to ascertain if anybody is at home. If there is a negative response they will attempt a burglary. This activity can also lead to youngsters garden hopping from property to property. The police are keen that any such activity should be reported to them immediately on the 999 number as it may be a precursor to a burglary. Please make your Neighbours aware of this especially in neighbourhoods to the north of the city.
In order to eke out the funding available the Neighbourhood Watch Association has decided to reduce the number of editions of Cascade Newsletter to schemes from 4 to 3 per year and hence there will be no Winter edition this year. The next Newsletter will be with you for distribution in April prior to Easter. This should secure the newsletter to 2015 and hopefully we will have secured more funding by then to continue publishing.


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